Saturday, January 31, 2009

Date Night

Phil and I went out tonight! We caught a great show and still made it home by 10:30 pm. Here's a really cool video from the band that we saw tonight.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I have a confession to make. I just sent away for Katie's birth certificate. She's almost two and a half years old.

I don't know why I've put this off for so long. I honestly intended to order the birth certificate within a few days of coming home from the hospital. But when we came home, I was still so sick, so I didn't want to deal with anything that wasn't absolutely urgent.

After that, there's never really been any urgency about ordering it. It's been in my "to do" pile on my desk for more than two years now, but there has always been something else that needed to be taken care of "right away" that took precedence.

So, now Katie is almost two and a half years old, and I still have no birth certificate for her. I'm thinking that I may need one if I decide to sign her up for preschool next year when she turns three. I will definitely need one for VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten provided by the state) when she turns four.

Oh, well. At least it's finally taken care of.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Potty Talk

I've been a bit hesitant to blog about this because I didn't want to jinx myself, but I'm pretty sure that Katie is completely daytime potty trained. Katie has worn panties every day since Tuesday, and hasn't had any accidents at all. She has even been taking her two-hour afternoon naps in her panties. We've been putting a pull-up on her at night, but that's it as far as diapers go.

I'm so happy about this! Now, I can use the money we won't be spending on diapers for Katie to start stocking up on diapers for the new baby. And since it will be months before the new baby is here, there shouldn't be any regressing for Katie because she'll be so far past the diaper stage.

Here's a pic I took of Katie last night dancing around in her panties and Daddy's boots. Sorry if it's a little blurry.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Hair

Since I couldn't stand for that awful photo from my previous post to be at the top of my blog anymore, I thought I'd share with you a photo of Sarah's new hair cut. Phil took her to get it done yesterday, so I had absolutely no say in the matter. It was all her decision.

So, what do you think?

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Does this look like a person who can honestly state in court papers, under penalty of perjury, that he does not drink?

What if he also has the following listed on his Facebook profile:
"Activities: Fishing, Camping, Drinking, Relaxing
Interests: Football, Cigars, Beer, Politics, firearms, Cars"?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Oh, and to the blog-stalking child-bride: If you think you're going to send this to your attorney claiming that I've done something wrong, you're an idiot. All of the above information, as well as the photo, were taken from a public website that the deadbeat in question posted himself.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Feel So Special

The wonderful Queenie Jeannie has bestowed upon me another award. She is just too sweet for words.

There are no real "rules" that go along with this award. I can give it to as many or as few people as I want. So, if you don't see yourself on the list of awardees below, and you would like the award anyway, please go ahead and take it. Just let me know that you did so that I can check out your post about it and see who you are passing it along to.

Andrea - We have very similar senses of humor and I think that helps us to get along pretty well. Plus, one day we'll be family when our children wed. You can visit her blog to get a preview of what my grandchildren will look like.

Kelsey - She reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age. She's WAY mature beyond her years, but still likes to have fun like the teenager that she is.

Kaycee - She also reminds me of when I was younger, when I was a young mother of two little girls. She has no idea how much more "fun" she's in for in about ten years!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nothing

You may have noticed I've been MIA lately. There really hasn't been much going on around here. I've been sick, which has kept me from doing much. No, I'm not sick because of my pregnancy. I got a nasty cold shortly after finding out I was pregnant, and not being able to take any good OTC meds for it made it get out of control.

After a trip to see my asthma doctor - yes, I'm already having issues with that - I am now on some new meds and an antibiotic for my now infection. I'm starting to feel better, but I'm not 100% yet.

Katie is potty training off and on. We're not pushing her to train, so we just let her work on her own schedule. Yesterday was a great day on that front. Even though Katie wore a pull-up all day, she kept it dry all day. She even pooped in the potty at least two times. Maybe she's really ready for this now. As long as she's out of diapers by the time the new baby arrives, I'm cool with it.

Emily begins practice this afternoon for the school soccer team. She's been looking forward to this all year. I hope she enjoys it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First OB Visit

I had my first OB visit this afternoon. I know it may seem a little soon since I'm supposedly only five weeks along, but I have been freaking out about all sorts of things since finding out I am pregnant, so I really needed to get in right away.

One of the main things I have been worrying about is how far along I really am. Because if you go by my LMP*, I'm exactly five weeks today. But, I also should not have been ovulating early enough for me to have gotten pregnant in the first place, so who knows when I ovulated? When I talked to my OB about it today, she said that since I had just come off of the birth control pill, I could have ovulated just about anytime.

When she did my pelvic exam, she also checked the size of my uterus to see if I was about where I should be based on my current due date, and she said that I felt more like six to seven weeks instead of five weeks. Oy! She said it was possible that I ovulated earlier than I thought or that I had a fibroid. Either, or both, are possible. I was "bigger" than I should have been with Sarah, and it turned out that I was about six days further along AND I had a fibroid. I'm just glad she didn't mention the "T" word!

So, now I've got more stuff to worry about. If I ovulated earlier than I thought, my chances of having a boy increase. I am really hoping that this baby is not a boy. Sure, I would love a boy just as much as I love my girls, but logistically, a boy would be much more difficult for us. We are currently planning to have this child share Katie's room with her, and pretty much everything in there is pink. The crib bedding I have is pink. Most of Katie's toys are pink. And of course, hand-me-downs from Katie are a LOT less expensive than brand new boy clothes.

So, please say a little prayer for me and my baby, if you're the praying type. Pray that no matter what, this little one is healthy. Pray that I can get through this pregnancy without any complications like I've had in the past. And please pray that this baby is a girl. Please.

*last menstrual period

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Award of 2009

I have just received my very first blog award of the new year. Woo-hoo! Feather K has just given me this very prestigious award.

This award is pretty self explanatory.. it is given to those whose blog is entertaining and fun to read... one you get excited about when you notice a new entry!

I hereby pass this lovely award on to the following blogs:

One Day My Pond Will Come
K... is Not Your Average Girl
The Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Minivan Mom
Where Are My Angels

I would have given this award to Queenie Jeannie, too, but someone else already beat me to it.

New Year, New Game Plan

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to a lot of changes taking place this year.

The first change will involve this blog. No, I am not calling it quits, but I will not be blogging on a daily basis anymore. I started off 2008 by entering a blogging contest with some of my friends. After the contest was over, I decided to continue blogging daily for the rest of the year as a challenge for myself. Now that I have successfully completed that challenge, I have decided to cut back on my blogging because I have so much more going on in my life now.

The second change I am looking forward to is building up my Mary Kay business. I haven't gotten off to the greatest start, and I'm hoping to change that soon. I could really use a little extra income, especially considering change number three.

In case you don't already know about it, change number three is a pretty big deal. This upcoming change is something that took me completely by surprise, but it's absolutely wonderful. This summer, we are expecting a new addition to the family. That's right - I'm pregnant with baby number four.

So, yeah, lot's of changes to come this year. BIG changes!