Friday, May 25, 2007


I took Sarah and Emily to see The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End last night. My cousin Kara came with us. Actually she drove us all there, and with the price of gasoline these days, I was grateful!

Since I knew that the movie was sold out, I decided that we needed to get to the theater early so we could get in line for good seats. Little did I know just how early we needed to get there. I got in line more than an hour before the movie was to begin, but the line was so long already, there were at least 100 people ahead of us already. So much for getting the perfect seats - we were lucky to get four seats that were all together. And when they finally released the line to go into the theater at about 7:45, people actually started getting into line for the 11:30 showing. Crazy!

Anyhow, the movie was great, as expected. You can almost never go wrong with Johnny Depp, in my opinion. It was so action packed that it really doesn't feel like you are sitting there for almost three hours. And even though I had what amounted to a "bucket o' coke," I didn't have to miss any of the movie by having to get up to go to the bathroom, and neither did any of the girls. And nobody fell asleep and wasted my money, either. All in all, it was a good night.

My mother babysat Katie for me while we went to the movie. Since she was here so late, and Katie went to bed way before we got home, my bored mother decided to clean up the kitchen and living room. Very nice! She also thoroughly wore Katie out before putting her to bed, so Katie let me sleep in past 8:00 this morning. Also quite nice!

Because we got home so close to midnight, it was well after when I finally made it to bed. After checking my email, I decided to check to see if Sarah and Emily's FCAT scores were available online for viewing yet. They were, and the girls did well, as expected. I would have liked to see slightly better scores from Sarah, but she was sick during testing, and actually took her tests while still not feeling well on make up exam days, so I can excuse the fact that they weren't better. She did still make high scores, with a level 4 (out of 5) in Reading and a level 5 in Math, and there was slight improvement over her scores from last year. Emily also improved her scores, and maintained her level 4's in both Reading and Math that she achieved last year.

Zip Code

I am so upset right now! I just opened a notice from the United States Postal Service that states my zip code will change effective July 1st. Can you believe this crap? How can they do this to me? I have been here for 33 1/2 years and now they are changing my zip code?!
They are doing this because of all of the new people moving into town and building houses. So, why can't THOSE people get the new zip code? I live in the old, historic district. I live within walking distance of the original post office, the library, the original pharmacy/sandwich shop, the original elementary school, the original playground. I should get to keep the original zip code!!!
And what about all of my cute Holly Hobby address labels? I have more than 100 left, and I don't send out that much mail. They will be practically useless in just over a month. It's bad enough that I'm going to have to replace my Holly Hobby checks soon because my bank account is being changed from AmSouth to Regions due to their merger. Now, I'll have useless checks and useless labels. Arghh!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

School's Out

I have been sick this week. I have been absolutely miserable with a nasty sinus infection. I went to the doctor on Monday and got some antibiotics, but they are taking their sweet time working. I am feeling better, though, but I am nowhere near 100% yet.
Being sick this week has really sucked, too, since it was the last week of school for Sarah and Emily. I couldn't do my usual buying of gifts for the teachers and baking of cupcakes and cookies for class parties. I just didn't have it in me.
Before I got sick, I had agreed to go pick up pizzas and deliver them to Emily's class yesterday. It took everything in me to get up and out of the house with TWO babies - yes, Julianna was here - and go do it. You should have seen me, balancing five pizzas on top of the back shade of my double stroller with two babies in it. It was exhausting enough just getting the babies from the car into the stroller, but then I had to push the heavy thing while balancing the pizzas on top. Oh, what fun!
And for some reason, I couldn't sleep last night. I was laying in bed at 4:00 am wide awake. So, I got up and went to work trying to go back to sleep. I wasn't very successful, to say the least. Tonight, I am taking Sarah and Emily, along with my cousin, Kara, to see The Pirates of the Caribbean III: At World's End. Our tickets are for 8:30 pm and the movie is nearly three hours long, so let's pray that I am able to stay awake through the whole thing. I'd hate to feel like I wasted my $9 sleeping.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day. A day to honor mothers. So where was my daughter, Sarah, this morning? Not here. Not serving me breakfast in bed alongside her sisters. She refused to come home from my mother's house last night, with the promise that she would be home first thing this morning. But after waiting for her and eventually giving up on her, Phil, Emily, and Katie, had to go ahead and give me breakfast without her. And, boy, was I hungry by that time!

Besides my eldest daughter not wanting to spend anytime with me, my Mothers Day has turned out quite nicely. We are broke, and the last thing I wanted was for Phil to spend a lot of money on me. Of course, I didn't exactly want to get nothing either. Well, he found the perfect gift for me. He got me a birthstone child charm to represent Katie. I already had one for each of Sarah and Emily, and I had mentioned to him before that I wanted one for Katie, too. So, I ended up getting something I really wanted, without my husband spending a ton of money on me.

Oh, and when Sarah did finally come home, she also came bearing a gift. My mother took her out to buy me a new memory card for my camera. All I had before today was two 16 MB cards, which don't hold many pictures. My new card holds 1 GB, which at my camera's highest pixel setting holds 680 pictures. Woo-hoo! Now, I won't have to worry about running out of space when we are out taking pictures.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

ENT Update

Well, we got the phone call from the ENT last night. Sarah will definitely be having her adenoids removed. I just don't know when yet, because when they transferred me to the scheduling department, I got someone's voicemail. So, hopefully they will call me back on Monday morning. If they don't, I'll give them a call after lunch to schedule the surgery.
The surgery is apparently "no big deal" because they just suck the adenoids out through the mouth, and there is very little bleeding, if any. Sarah won't have any restrictions, dietary or otherwise, afterward, and if everything goes well during the surgery, she won't even need a follow-up visit. And as for pain, they said she shouldn't need anything stronger than Motrin or Advil.

Friday, May 11, 2007


I took Sarah to the ENT today for her evaluation of her adenoids. The doctor looked at her tonsils to see if they might be enlarged, too, since that is sometimes the case when the adenoids are enlarged. But they said that her tonsils look fine, so they may only have to remove her adenoids.

Since no one told me that I needed to pick up Sarah's x-rays to bring with us for the appointment, I did not have them with me when we saw the doctor. I picked them up after the visit and dropped them off for the doctor to look at. He said that after he gets a chance to look at them, he will give me a call to let me know how he would like to proceed. Hopefully, I'll hear from him soon.

Emily has also been sick this week, but is back in school today. That's not to say that she hasn't gone to school everyday, because she has. She refuses to stay home and ruin her perfect attendance record, so I have had to go sign her out of school after attendance each morning. I honestly didn't think she would make it through the entire day today, but she only has about 45 minutes left to go and she is still there.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Swimming Lessons

We just returned home from Katie's second swimming lesson. She went to her first lesson yesterday. Yesterday went much better than today, to say the least! Yesterday, Katie enjoyed her lesson, at least for a little while. Today, on the other hand, she remembered that the lessons weren't so fun at the end when she got dunked. So, Katie was crying throughout her entire lesson. Luckily, the lessons are only ten minutes long, so she wasn't yelling for very long. And she's learning how to float on her back. I was amazed that after only two lessons, she is pretty close to doing it all on her own! And her instructor says that she does a great job of holding her breath when she goes under, too.

First Blog

My first blog... I guess it's about time. The modern diary!

With so much going on in my life, sometimes it's hard to remember to think! My girls keep me so busy all of the time. Even at just nine-months-old, Katie has places to go and people to see. It's so hard to find that perfect balance between keeping your children active and not overscheduling them.

Anyhow, I plan to try to write about what my girls and I are up to with this blog. I'm sure there will be plenty of proud moments to share, as well as trials and tribulations to whine about. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. And I hope you get a chuckle or two out of the deal!