Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Even though I prayed it wouldn't happen, I ended up pretty sick on Easter. I had actually felt almost good a few days before hand, so good that my asthma doctor said I didn't need to be seen again for three months. That was Tuesday. Wednesday, Katie and I braved the cold and wind for an Easter play date with my moms group. By Wednesday night, I started to get sick again, and it just went down hill from there.

We never made it to church on Sunday morning, which really upset Katie, but we did make it to my dad's house for a small family get-together. I pretty much rested on the love seat the entire time we were there because I felt so ill. And another side effect of my illness was the fact that I didn't take very many photos on Easter, but I'll share what I do have.

On Saturday night, Phil and Katie dyed eggs. I didn't get a pic of the dying process or of the finished products, but I did snap a pick of Katie eating one of the eggs they didn't dye.

This next pic is one of Katie and her Easter basket. The bunny is the only piece of candy it contained. She also got some Yo Gabba Gabba toys, gardening gloves, and gardening tools.

This final pic was taken at my dad's house while we were waiting for everyone to come back from the neighbor's house where their neighborhood Easter egg hunt was held. I found Katie's dress a month or so ago at Old Navy and fell in love with it. I usually go a bit fancier with Katie's Easter dresses, but I just couldn't resist the adorable sundress. As it turned out, the dress was the perfect choice because the pattern completely hid the Hawaiian Punch and blackberry-raspberry pie that Katie got on it that day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families!


Susan said...

Wow, Katie is looking older. (as old as you can look for a three year old :) Sorry your so sick. Is it baby related sick or maybe the asthma sick......

Melodie said...

My illness is only baby related in so much as being pregnant makes my asthma much worse. I guess I'm lucky that I haven't experienced any pregnancy illnesses on top of my asthma illnesses.

Michelle said...

Love that last pic.