Monday, July 30, 2007

When It Rains...

I'm already stressed out enough about money since Phil's paychecks have been missing a day's pay for two weeks in a row, and we have to buy school clothes and supplies before school starts in three weeks, and we have birthdays and parties to pay for, and did I mention that the first of the month is almost here so our mortgage payment is due again? Yeah, I'm stressed out, to be sure.
So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when my tire blew out while I was driving on the interstate highway this morning on my way to take the girls to the zoo. I was driving 70mph when it happened, and the noise it made was so loud I could only imagine that it was something far worse than just a blown tire. Luckily, it wasn't.
After successfully pulling off to the side of the highway, I called AAA to have someone come out and change my tire. However, while I was waiting for AAA to show up, the Road Ranger pulled up behind me to help me out. Just as he was finishing up with the tire change (screwing the lug-nuts back on) it suddenly started raining. Actually, it started pouring. I grabbed my umbrella out of the car and did my best to provide shelter for this nice man who was changing my tire for me. Meanwhile, I got completely soaked.
The crazy thing about the rain, though, was that by the time I called AAA back to cancel the service call, it had already stopped. It wasn't even sprinkling when we got back on the road. We were able to continue on our way to the zoo, and even though we weren't able to stay for very long, we did get to see our friends and have a little bit of fun.
After we left the zoo, we went to the mall where I bought two new tires from Sears to keep things even. The girls and I did some window shopping while we waited for the car to be ready. I had the girls try some clothes on for size, but we didn't buy anything since A: we don't have the extra money right now, and B: Florida's Back-to-School Tax-Free week starts this weekend and we want to wait for that to stretch our dollars further.

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