Monday, July 9, 2007


Wow! It's been a while since I've blogged, hasn't it? Well, I've been pretty busy, but more on that later.
Tonight's topic is my latest catastrophy. I was already stressed out tonight because Phil had to go back to work after his week of vacation, the house was already starting to get messy, and the kids were fighting and getting on my nerves. Then it happens... Sarah comes in to inform me that she "heard something" and discovered that my toilet was overflowing. Well, since no one had used that bathroom since before Phil left for work TWO HOURS earlier, not only was my bathroom flooded, but my bedroom was half flooded, too!
So, for the past two and a half hours, I have been working on trying to get my bedroom and bathroom dried up. I called Phil because I truly had no idea what to do or where to begin. He told me that I could use the steam cleaner to suck the water out of the carpet in my bedroom. The only problem - I've never used the steam cleaner and had no idea how to make it work. I had to call him back at least three times before I was able to get it working. Once I figured it all out, though, it did a pretty good job. The major drawback, however, has that I now have blisters which will probably turn into callouses on my hands. "Momma always said you could tell a lady by her hands!"
While I was starting on getting the water out of my carpet, Sarah helped me out by putting every towel that we own down on the bathroom floor to absorb the standing water in there. Once I finished with the carpet, I went to work on the bathroom. Even with every towel we own in there, there is still plenty of water that needs to be soaked up. So, now I am washing a load of towels that has soaked up some of the flood waters in my bathroom. Once I get those towels dry, I will put another load in the wash and put the clean, dry towels back down on the bathroom floor to soak up some more water.
Now, I know what you're thinking... "Wow! This woman leads such a glamorous life!" Yeah.. right. Anyway, back to the clean-up!
I'll be sure to blog about our vacation week and Sarah's birthday once I've recovered from my catastrophy.

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