Thursday, October 25, 2007

Forget It

Forget everything I said about wanting to lose some weight. I give up. Right now, I am dealing with so many health problems, most of them mine, some of them my family's, that I just can't even fathom trying to diet or exercise.
I still haven't gotten around to purchasing a new scale, but I have been to the doctors' offices so much lately that I've been getting a good reading at least once a week. And it's not pretty. At first, I did lose a little weight (1-2 pounds), but now I am up quite a bit from that. At my last visit on Monday, I weighed in at nearly 147 pounds. That's 12 pounds above my goal weight, and 5 pounds more than what I weighed when I started on this weight loss journey.
So, I am waving the white flag. No more worrying about my weight. At least not until I get my health issues under control.

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