Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Day... So Far

It took me THREE HOURS to take Emily to school and come home this morning. Why did it take that long? Well, because apparently, I drove Emily to school on a FLAT TIRE this morning. I had no clue that my tire was flat until I was almost to her school this morning. My car kept bottoming out when I went over the speed humps on the street that her school is on, which I thought was a bit strange considering that I was not going over them any faster than normal. I got out of the car when we got to the school and found that my tire was flat.
So, I had to call AAA to come help me. Luckily, they got to the school where I was in only 20 minutes. Instead of putting my spare tire on, the service man just filled up my tire so I could drive to Sears to get it replaced. Those of you "loyal readers" might recall that I had to replace my tires a couple of months ago when I got a flat on my way to the zoo. Thankfully, this tire was under warranty because it was so new and it didn't cost me any money to replace it this time. Yea!

Sarah is home sick today for the second day in a row. She has some sort of stomach virus, which I am pretty sure she is just about over now. So, she'll be back in school tomorrow whether she likes it or not. I just have to pray now that she hasn't passed it along to me or Katie.

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