Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This Is Halloween

Happy Halloween! This is my daughter, Katie, not dressed up as a cute pink poodle. I had decided to buy her an adorable pink poodle costume, and then I happened upon this equally adorable Tinkerbell costume one day when I was in the mall, and I got all nostalgic. You see, Sarah and Emily were both also Tinkerbell for Halloween when they were Katie's age. So, I thought, why not stick with the tradition for Katie? She can always be a pink poodle next year if she wants.

Emily had wanted to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Halloween this year. Not the Sarah Michelle Gellar version, but the Kristie Swanson version. But we had a difficult time getting our hands on a decent cheerleading uniform (meaning not a cheap party store costume), so at the last minute, she borrowed a costume from my mother and went trick-or-treating as Little Red Riding Hood.

And then there's Sarah. I told Sarah last year that it would be her last year of trick-or-treating. So, this year, I reminded her that she would be passing out candy at home while I took her younger sisters around the neighborhood. Then my mother got all involved and whined and cried and insisted that Sarah be allowed to go trick-or-treating with us. SO, I finally gave up and said she could go if my mother came over to pass out the candy for us. And after all of that, in full costume, ready to walk out the door, Sarah changed her mind and decided to stay at home and pass out the candy.
I don't care what she says next year, her butt is staying home and passing out candy!

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