Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I rode Sheikra today. Can you believe it?! That's right - me, terrified of heights and more terrified of falling to my death, me. I rode Sheikra today. Of course, I did keep my eyes shut tightly for almost the entire ride, but the fact that I willingly got onto the ride in the first place is an accomplishment.

Busch Gardens just reopened the ride after having removed the floor from the carts. They are having a special promotion where pass holders can get into the park an hour early to ride Sheikra, so we got up early and went. At first, Phil was just going to take Sarah and Emily so they could all ride it, but I decided after having been woken up, that I would go ahead and bring Katie and go with them. Of course, I was not planning on riding, but while Phil and the girls were riding the second time, I decided that if I was ever going to ride it, now was the time. So, I went on it with the girls for their third ride of the day. Phil and the girls ended up riding it another time after I went, for a total of three times for Phil and four times for Sarah & Emily.

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