Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Day of School

Sarah and Emily went back to school on Monday. This was both good and bad for me. I no longer have to listen to them fight all day long, however I've also lost all of the help with the baby I've become accustomed to. Plus, I think Katie was very happy having her big sisters around to entertain her all summer.

This year, Emily is in the 5th grade. She is at the top of the food chain of elementary school kids. She is also a patrol this year, which gives her even more power on campus. She is very proud of this. Emily has gone back to her old school this year, because we just weren't happy with the school we are zoned for. This means I have to drive her to and from school everyday, but it is well worth it for us.

Sarah is in 7th grade this year. This is her second year of middle school, and unlike last year, she already has friends there, which made going back to school much better for her. She was nervous about things at first (like having PE everyday!) but she seems to be getting more comfortable with things. And so far she likes her teachers, which really helps. Sarah is also continuing with her playing of the violin in the school orchestra. She really seems to enjoy being a part of the orchestra, and I'm glad for her. I never really got to participate in many school activities, especially at her age, so I really like that she gets to.

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Karlise said...

I played the violin from 5th-12th grade. It's still in my closet although not in working condition at this time. I hope she keeps it up!!