Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stupid People

Last night, Phil and I attended the Bend Folds and John Mayer concert. The concert was amazing. These guys are two of the most talented guys I have ever heard. Ben Folds is a piano GENIUS, and John Mayer is an amazing guitar player. This concert was totally worth the near $200 we paid for our two tickets.
That being said, I was rather pissed off during the concert because two rows in front of me sat some people with a BABY!! He couldn't have been more that 12 months old. WHAT WERE THESE PEOPLE THINKING!?! I'm all for exposing your children to great music, but come on! This is a LOUD ROCK CONCERT! You hear all the time about people who have hearing damage from going to rock concerts. Let's get a jump start on our children's hearing loss by taking them to loud concerts before they've even reached their first birthday! Could these people not get a babysitter? Or did they actually think that taking their baby to a rock concert was a good idea? Either way, they shouldn't be allowed to raise that child. They've already proven that they aren't capable of putting their child's health above they're own selfish wants.
Meanwhile, the guy sitting next to me had his 10-year-old (I'm guessing here) son wearing earplugs during the concert. Way to go, Dad! Apparently there are some responsible parents left in this world.

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