Saturday, August 11, 2007

Katie's Party

Today was my sweet baby girl's 1st birthday party. We had just family and my two BFFs (who are considered family) over this afternoon for a hot, wet, and terribly smoky time (*cough*cough* Phil you've got to get a handle on your grilling!). Yes, against doctor's orders, I braved the great outdoors - also known as our backyard - to have a water-themed party. Katie loves the water, but that is not why I had the water-play set up in the backyard. All but one of the other children at the party are well over seven years old and would have been bored to tears and/or destruction of my home if entertainment was not provided for them. Also, putting them outside made for more room for the adults inside my tiny house.
Katie got lots of new clothes, and considering that almost everything was from Carter's, she only got double of one outfit, so I don't have to return a ton of stuff. She also got some great PINK toys. Toys 'R Us carries this cute line of pink toys that I am in love with. Katie seems to like them, too. She also got some cash, or as I like to refer to it, giftcards to ANYWHERE! Since it's still tax-free week here (tomorrow is the last day) I rushed out to Children's Place to snatch up this cute outfit I have been eyeing for Katie. She's such a doll! This particular line of clothes has also just gone on sale, which it was not last weekend when I bought a bunch of stuff from it, so now that I have found my receipt, I will be promptly returning the get my refund of the difference.

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