Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Greatest Thing Ever

Whoever invented toe-socks is a freaking genius! I can't believe I've never owned a pair of these before. Seriously, could there be anything more perfect in the world? I can actually keep my little feet and toes warm while simultaneously not having to give up my flip-flops to bind my feet up inside suffocating tennis shoes.

My mother bought these things for me for Christmas, and besides the fact that my feet look like they belong to the Incredible Hulk, they are just the coolest things ever. (She actually got me two pair of these, the other pair not being quite so "unique" looking as these.)

No comments about how freakishly long my toes are, please. Thanks.


jennifer said...

They look like Fiona's toes.

Karlise said...

LOL@ Jen! I had to go back and look. I'm not sure I could wear those though. You are braver than me!

Kandee said...

I'm freaky about my toes. I can't stand anything between them...ex. toe socks, sand, Gracie's fingers, etc. I'm not good with pedicures either. They are cute socks, though.