Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Give Away

I don't normally post about give aways on my blog, so the fact that I am posting two in a row here is even more out of character for me. But I really NEED to win this contest. Seriously. Can't you just picture Katie wearing this gorgeous dress on Easter Sunday?

And this matching bow in her hair?

Oh, wouldn't Katie just be too adorable wearing the dress and bow?! Well, the ladies over at SITS are giving this combo away to one lucky winner. I so, need to win so I won't have to pay for it myself. Not that the dresses and bows are all that expensive. They're really not. Go check them out for yourself at All Things Ribbon if you don't believe me.


Meaghan said...

Stopping by to invite you to our giveaway:

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Even though I want it more...just sayin.

What A Card said...

Good luck to you! And you don't even need to worry about me entering to compete against you...I think it would be far cuter on your daughter than on either of my sons :)