Thursday, November 20, 2008

Long Day + No Caffeine = Headache

I had to get up early this morning so I could take my mother to her dermatologist appointment at 8:45.

Then she dragged me shopping all over the mall where I learned that it is impossible to keep track of both my mother and Katie at the same time.

Because we were at the mall, Katie missed her nap and was exceptionally whiny for the rest of the day.

I had to go to the girls' school this evening to have conferences with a couple of Emily's teachers.

I met Emily's geography teacher tonight, and I don't like her.

I'm going to sleep now to try to get rid of this headache before my birthday tomorrow.

If Phil really loves me, he'll have an ice cold Coca-Cola waiting for me when I wake up.


Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

So sorry you had a headache - I get them all too often myself and I know how painful and irritating they can be.

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday!! Feel Better :)