Thursday, November 13, 2008

Katie Update

A little while after I gave Katie the cough medicine this morning, Emily said that Katie felt warm to her. So, I decided to take Katie's temperature. Everything was normal there, but I decided to give her the once-over to make sure she wasn't any sicker than she appeared to be.

When I lifted Katie's chin up so that I could feel her glands, I realized that there was no need to do so. Why? Because Katie's right gland was so swollen, it looked like she had gotten one of those rubber bouncy balls stuck in her throat!

As soon as her doctor's office opened, I called to get Katie an appointment. Sure enough, her throat was infected. Thankfully, it wasn't Strep (or not enough Strep to get a positive result with the rapid Strep test).

So, now Katie's got an antibiotic to take, and she should be feeling much better very soon. We're planning to take her Busch Gardens to see Jack Hanna on Saturday, so I hope she's feeling well by then.


georgie said...

awwww I hope she gets better soon...Jack hanna How cool!!! stopping by from SITS to say hi

Khadra said...

ohh poor baby :( I hope she feels better quickly. And I wanna go see Jack Hanna too!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope she feels better very soon! Poor thing!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh honey!!!!

Come on over to my blog...there's a video you MUST SEE, ASAP!!!!

Michelle said...

Poor Katie. Hope she's feeling well again soon. I HATE it when kids are sick!!!!