Friday, November 28, 2008

EDS Update

I talked to my cousin at Thanksgiving dinner yesterday about her Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. While she didn't say exactly what type she has, from the list of the symptoms she told me she has, it seems that she has the Classical type of EDS. And though this is one of the types that includes the heart problems (mitral valve prolapse), my cousin said that she has not had any heart problems that are caused by the disorder (she did have a heart problem, but it was not related to her EDS).

Also, some of her symptoms that she showed me, I realized that I have, too, but never realized that they were symptoms of a disorder. Because of that, I am even more convinced that I have EDS, too. If Katie is diagnosed with it, I will be 100% sure about it. And I have also had my heart thoroughly checked out by a cardiologist (while I was in the hospital after delivering Katie), and have no problems at all with it.

So, the good news is that if Katie has EDS, it should be anything to worry about too much. We'll mostly just have to make sure she's extra careful if she participates in sports or gymnastics, since she'll be more at risk for joint injuries.


Andrea said...

Well that sounds like it's the best news about the EDS! Happy belated T-Day!

Khadra said...

Im glad you are feeling more at ease with this. I hope you can get answers quickly.