Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday Continued

We ended up going to The Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch with my dad this afternoon. It had been several years since Phil and I had been there, and I remembered having liked the chicken alfredo I had the last time we went. Unfortunately, it just wasn't up to par today. I don't know if they were just having an off-day or if they've changed their recipe and it's just not as good any more. It's probably better that it wasn't delicious, because I might have overeaten if it was.

After lunch, we headed home so that Katie could take her nap and I could get some papers together to take to my attorney. While Katie napped, I ran my errands. I got home just after the older girls got home from school.

I knew that Twilight was going to sell out fast tonight, I had already purchased our tickets a couple of days ago. And after experiencing a long waiting line when we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean III, I knew we needed to get to the theater well ahead of the show time to make sure we got good seats. So, I gathered up the girls, who were out in the neighborhood with their friends, so they could get ready to leave for the theater.

Do you remember that awful cake from my mother's wedding? Well, in addition to getting a full refund from the Publix store manager, my mother got him to give us a cake for my birthday, too. She brought it over before I ran my errands, but I didn't have time to eat any of it until after I got home. So, before we left for the theater, we had vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream icing for dessert. YUM!

We ended up bringing Sarah's friend Eryn with us since I was able to purchase another ticket for our showing online before we left. We picked up my friend, Michelle, who actually bought my ticket for my birthday, on our way to the theater, so it was a total girls' night for the five of us.

When we got to the theater, there was already a small line for our showing, but it wasn't bad because there was only about seven or eight people ahead of us. We took turns going to the concessions stand and ended up eating hot dogs and popcorn for dinner while we waited in line for the theater to open up. When it finally did, we got great seats, so it was totally worth it.

I'm very tired now after my long day, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear my thoughts on the movie.

BTW, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday today. Also, I'm sorry if it seems like I've been ignoring your blogs over the past few days. I've just been incredibly busy and I have barely had the time to keep up with my own blog. I promise I'll get caught back up with you very soon. Thanks for sticking with me!


Kaycee said...

Glad you had a good time! The cake sounds delish!!!

What A Card said...

Wow, sounds like a great birthday! Happy, Happy Birthday!

Joanne said...

Sounds like a superb Bday !!

Kelsey said...

Happy Birthday!
Sounds like you had a great night...yumm Publix cake!

Khadra said...

I love Spaghetti warehouse. The one by us makes really good cesar salad!