Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cold House

I live in a cold house. My house in made of concrete blocks and is surrounded by trees, so it takes a very long time for it to warm up inside. While this is a great thing during the summer months, it drives me crazy during the winter months, which we haven't even technically gotten to yet.

While I was inside freezing my butt off today, it was a wonderful warmish day outside. When I took Katie and Maggie (the dog) outside for a walk a little while ago, it was 79 degrees outside. Do you want to know how warm it had gotten inside my house by that point? Only 74! And the only reason it was even that warm inside was because I had the heat set on my thermostat to not let it drop below that point.

I need a laptop computer so that I can go sit outside in the sun on warm days and still keep up with my online buddies.


WheresMyAngels said...

I can't stand anything over 70. My house is always on 68 to 70.

I know I had an email a while back from you that I wanted to reply back to and I can't find it! Grrrr

Joanne said...

I have tile floors ... I have the same problem !!
I tagged you today .. hope you can play along :)

Susan said...

Living in Florida :) Seriously, I hate being cold...however, being northerners we get very cold but I'm with the others, we set our thermostat on 70 at the highest. And put it down at night to 67 because we are under warm blankets.