Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Why is it that any flat surface in my house seems to become a catch-all as soon as I turn my back? I know it wasn't all that long ago that I cleaned off my desk and organized everything on it, but it has recently become a total disaster area. I barely had room left on my desk for my mouse.

My dining table was the same way. I know it wasn't that long ago (okay, maybe since before Thanksgiving) that we ate there as a family, yet it was piled high with all sorts of stuff.

So, I spent the first half of the day cleaning off my desk, and the second half of the day cleaning off my dining table. Now, I have the room I need on my table to wrap the few Christmas gifts I need to wrap, and the room I need on my desk to conduct my daily business.

I'll just have to knock on wood that they stay this clean for at least a few weeks, if not longer. Luckily, since they are currently clean, I've got plenty of wood to knock on!

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