Sunday, December 7, 2008


Some of you may be wondering just why I was so tired yesterday. Did I not get enough sleep? No, I actually got about 9-10 hours of sleep. Was I doing hard physical labor all day (like shopping)? No, not that either. What I did yesterday was bake. Well, not so much baking as preparing to bake and cleaning up the mess.

I went to my friend Michelle's parents' house yesterday with the intention of baking the eight dozen cookies I need for my play group's annual cookie exchange next Saturday. Michelle's parents have a HUGE kitchen with tons of counter space, which is why I wanted to bake over there. Unfortunately, it took me so long to get the dough ready to make the cookies, that I only ended up baking one dozen, which I ended up leaving there to thank Michelle's parents for letting me use their kitchen.

I think the thing that took up most of my time was crushing up the peppermint candies into a fine powder. I usually use a food processor to grind up the mints, but I couldn't find all of the pieces to mine, and I didn't think to ask if Michelle's mom had one to use. So, I ended up double bagging the candies and pounding the crap out of them with a meat tenderizer. And, boy, are my arms sore today!

After baking my one dozen cookies (and a batch of ready-to-bake sugar cookies), I realized that it was getting pretty late, so I decided to close up shop and start cleaning the kitchen. I had made a HUGE mess, and it took me some time to get it all back to perfect.

So, to sum it all up, I worked in the kitchen, on my feet, ALL DAY LONG, and really didn't have much to show for it. Unless you count my sore feet, my out-of-whack back, and my whiny toddler (because she missed her nap). Okay, so I DO have my cookie dough, which is currently chillin' in my freezer, and I DO have my peppermint and sugar mixture ready to go.

All I have to do now is roll out my dough and form my cookies, bake them, top them, and package them for the party. I figure that if I bake one or two dozen cookies per day, I should be able to get them all ready to go by next Saturday night. Wish me luck!

Tracy P. is hosting a Cookie Exchange on her blog tomorrow, so I will be posting my recipe on my blog tomorrow for that. Just in case you were wondering what all of the crushed peppermint was for.


Queenie Jeannie said...

Dear sweet lady, when you are RICH in God's blessings, bounty, and love - you are never broke! I hope you all have the best Christmas ever!!!!

Tiffany said...

I bet those cookies will be yummy!

Susan said...

I understand. Amazing how your back and feet can hurt after being on them all day baking - which I love. I will watch for your receipe. I use crushed up peppermint for a peppermint bark bar. I bake and bake and freeze and freeze and then pull them all out and make up my trays. I LOVE sugar cookies with frosting but I will be darn if I can make a good one. I will check that other post for a new sugar cookie receipe. Here's to feeling better!

mommaof4wife2r said...

thx for stopping by my blog today! and now, pass along some delights!!!

Chris said...

Would you happen to have a good recipe for oatmeal raisin cooking? Those were always my favorite.

Melodie said...

Chris - Check out Tracy P.'s Cookie Exchange post (link in my post). There is an oatmeal raisin cookie recipe listed there. Good Luck!