Friday, December 12, 2008

Reasons I Wish I Didn't Take So Many Meds

1. My meds cost a LOT of money, even with insurance.

2. My meds are making me gain weight. I REALLY don't like gaining weight.

3. I probably wouldn't have to call Poison Control quite so often if I didn't have so much medicine in my house.

Yeah. I had to call Poison Control AGAIN today. Katie got a hold of my Effexor XR that I was about to take when I stepped into the kitchen to get my drink. Thankfully, she didn't have any adverse effects from the little bit of the drug she may have ingested. At least we didn't have to go to the ER this time.

I swear this kid is going to be the death of me.


Michelle said...


Kaycee said...

Oh gosh! I hateeee being medicatd too. It really stinks :(

I'm sorry about Katie. That's good she didn't have any side effects.

WheresMyAngels said...

Oh girl, I feel you on this!

What I hate is the meds Mercede and I have to have that their either aren't a generic, or the doctor won't prescribe one. So we have to pay HUGE copays.

I know I have called poison control over 10 times since I have had kids.

Mercede left her zanax and blood thinners out on a table the other day. She took half of her pills and the others did didn't take. She normally doesn't do that. I was lucky no one else grabbed them.

I haven't been on paxil since my ex went on vacation (hee hee, you know what I mean). Everytime I have went back on it, I gain 20 pounds.

Susan said...

I understand what your saying with cost of meds. My husband has a lot of heart issues (several heart attacks). He is on a lot of daily medicine and while we are thankful for insurance, it is still hard on the budget!!!