Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Good

My computer is having "issues." Somehow, some sort of virus has invaded my desk top computer, and I can't use it right now. I'm currently using Phil's lap top, but it's a pain in the butt because I don't have any of my favorites on it.

Hopefully, Phil will be able to get this virus off of my computer tonight, because I don't know what I'll do with no internet tomorrow while he's at work.


Michelle said...

uh-oh... could this cause you to lose the blog a day challenge? really not good.

I hope it gets fixed soon.

Melodie said...

If you mean the Moms' group blog challenge, I already won (although none of the other challengers ever paid up). If you mean the NaBloPoMo, that was over at the end of November. I'm continuing to blog daily for the rest of the year, just for my own personal satisfaction of blogging daily for an entire year. I'll have Phil's laptop at night, if my computer's not working, so I can still keep up with my blogging.

WheresMyAngels said...

Oh no! My sister had the same issues and I almost did. FAcebook has a virus going around to people and my sister opened it and it sent it to me. It said something about my sister sending a secret video of herself, well I knew she would never do that so I didn't click. Good thing too.

Debbie said...

I definitely feel for you!!!

Khadra said...

oh I understand! my computer is fried. we only have one and I can't afford to fix it until after Christmas. I'm using my phone right now and it is a pain in the butt!!

hope your computer is fixed soon!