Monday, October 20, 2008


Is it terrible that I am already ready to kick one of my students out of my CCD class? Is it worse that the student I want to get rid of is my own Katie?

I'm hoping it's just her age, that it's just because she's only two years old. She just can't be still, or stay out of things she's not supposed to get into, or follow directions.

My class is supposed to be for K4 and K5. I currently have two students who fall into this category. Then there is a three year old little girl and my Katie. The older two, both boys, are very well behaved. The little girl is well-behaved, but still young and hasn't made it through an entire class without wanting her Mommy. And, as the eldest child of the group put it, Katie is "a disaster."

I think I'll try leaving her with Phil next time we have a class and see how things go without her.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I have taught a lot in our church and when you have age spans, it makes it REAL hard. Plus, it is always hard on the teacher to have your own child in the room :) Do they not offer a nursery for younger children or at least for the children of the teachers? If not, it will be lots easier on you to leave her with hubby. I taught two year olds for years and loved it but you have to alter your style with that have to move a lot :)

Good luck.

Melodie said...

No, there's no nursery at our church. We are a very small congregation, so we really don't have a need for one. Our children attend mass with the adults, and all of the children who are at church during the CCD classes are either with their parents or in a class.