Friday, October 24, 2008


You know those vomitrocious next door neighbors of mine who got foreclosed on? Guess what those jerks had the nerve to do last night? After not coming anywhere near the property for more than a week, on the night that the bank came to secure the property and post notices, those jerks decided to come back and trespass on what was no longer theirs.

When we heard them pull into the back yard with their big-ass truck, we mistakenly thought that maybe there was something there that they had neglected to take with them and that they wanted to get before it was hauled off to a dump somewhere. Well, they were over there for quite a while and were making a tons of noise with that truck.

We found out today that they were not there to get something left behind. No, when Phil checked out the back yard this morning on his way out to work, he saw that they hadn't taken a thing. What he did find, however, was that what those jerks had been over there doing was tearing up the back yard with their big-ass truck. Yeah, they had been digging huge ruts into the yard with their truck's tires. Isn't that just lovely?

I'm really hoping that they won't come back again. I'm actually kind of scared that they might come back and do something worse, like burn the place down or something.

I knew I should have called the sheriff when they showed up last night!


Cristin said...

Wow... jerks is right...

Michelle said...

Wow. Trash.

What A Card said...

Oh geez, I hope they're gone for good now! Drama!

WheresMyAngels said...

Holy cow, I had to go back and read all your post.

Question. How many gas containers does a family need?? Cause there were quite a few in those photo's you took.

Yeah I would be afraid they would come burn it down.