Thursday, October 9, 2008

What a Ham

When I got Katie dressed to go out this morning, she looked so cute that I couldn't resist taking a photo of her. However, Katie had other plans. She kept turning around a hiding her face every time I tried to take her picture. The only reason I was able to get this first photo is because I told her to turn around and sing "Happy Birthday" for Nana.

We had to go to see my asthma doctor today for my regular check-up and flu shot. Katie decided that she was going to be extra charming today and had the entire office fawning all over her. While I left the office with a couple of prescriptions and a sore arm, Katie left with no less than three stickers, two beaded necklaces, and a shiny pinwheel.

While we were waiting to be seen, I promised Katie that we would go to Chick-fil-A for lunch if she behaved. So, that's where we went when we left the office. Of course, by that point Katie was tired and wanted to go home to eat, so we just went through the drive through.

This girl sure does love her chicken nuggets!


Karen said...

very cute pictures!

Holly said...

She is such a cute little fashionista!

Kaycee said...

She is SO cute!! I love her little outfit. Wow Cami never falls asleep in the car anymore :*( boooo!!! haha

Heather said...

yumm, Chick-fil-A! Adorable pictures!