Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm It

I have been tagged by WepRuminations for this little meme.

7 weird or random facts about me:

1. I have lived in two different towns with the same name in two different states - Brandon, FL, and Brandon, MS.

2. I have three brothers and zero sisters. But, I have three daughters and zero sons. God made it up to me!

3. I am a HUGE fan of Gone with the Wind, and I seriously considered naming my youngest daughter "Katie Scarlett" instead of "Katie Grace."

4. I refuse to purchase a foreign automobile, in part because I want to support American companies, but mostly because whenever my old Nissan Stanza needed work, I had to listen to my step-dad bitch about Japanese cars the whole time he worked on it.

5. I am a grammar freak, and I cringe when people misuse their words. I guess I'm a grammar snob, too, because I think less of people with poor grammar.

6. I am also driven crazy by people who mispronounce words. For example, pronouncing "jewelry" as "ju-ler-ee" instead of "ju-wool-ree", and "realtor" as "ree-lit-er" instead or "real-tor."

7. I love strawberry Fruit Roll-ups, and I can eat an entire box of them in one sitting.

So, now it's time to pass this meme along. I am tagging:

1. Andrea
2. Heather
3. Karen
4. AFRo
5. Bad Mommy
6. Anna
7. Tina


TinaBug said...

Ohhhh I've been tagged. I hope I can do as good of job as you have! Thanks for sharing. And I will make sure to watch my grammar around you (it's something I try to do anyways, I'm the same way).
hugs from NC

TinaBug said...

ha ha I have to pick on you!!! Look at the way you spelled random (under the Tagged photo). That made me laugh. I love it!

Melodie said...

Thanks, Tina! If you read back a ways in my blog, you'll see that I hate my new keyboard because it's just a little "off" and I'm always hitting the wrong keys. Add to that the fact that I'm not wearing my contact lenses (or glasses) right now, and you can see what happened there. I hit the wrong key and was too blind to see that I had done so. I'm glad you caught it so I could fix it.

Anna Lefler said...

Tee Hee - I love stuff like this! Thanks for the tag and I'll get on it...

Hope you're having a mellow Friday...



Wep said...

OMG I so love fruit rollups!

AFRo said...

OMG. You lived in Brandon? Both of my boys were born at River Oaks in Flowood. Loved it. We lived in Clinton for a couple of years while I attended Hinds and Mr. AFRo managed Xan's Diner on Lakeland.

Renee said...

Hey! I've been enjoying your comments on Ashley's blog for a while so I figured I'd come over here and get to know you a little better. :) I totally appreciated that long comment you left Ashley with medical advice - what to look for, when to go to a doc, what different symptoms might mean. I copied that into an email and sent it to myself so I'll have it for future reference. :)

So a few comments:
1. Your girls are TOTALLY adorable!!
2. I have 3 boys and 1 girl and feel sorry for my daughter. We were hoping the 4th would be another girl (we had boy, girl, boy) but alas, it was not to be. I try to do girlie stuff with my daughter but I know she's still stuck in Boy Hell here. Poor dear. (The boys are 7, 3, and 2 and my daugher is almost 5.) Any suggestions? Was it terrible for you growing up? Did your brothers protect you and treat you like a princess? Are you close now?
3. I also love, love, LOVE Gone With the Wind. I haven't seen it in ages though; thanks for the reminder. I'm adding it to my Netflix.
4. One of my pet peeves is when people pronounce nuclear as nuke-yoo-lur (aka nucular). (Palin comes to

That's all for now. Nice to meet you!

-Renee (aka The Renee)