Thursday, February 7, 2008

10 Million Smackeroos

Julie tagged me with another meme and this one has taken quite some thought. Basically, I'm supposed to list ten things I'd buy (or spend money to do) if "that Big Ed guy shows up at [my] door" and gives me 10 million dollars. And supposedly I can't give it away to charity or save it all for my children's college education. I'm supposed to be selfish, so here goes...

1. Three words - LASER HAIR REMOVAL.

2. Plastic Surgery - Liposuction, tummy tuck, and a nice pair of breasts.

3. Build a new, much bigger house. It would need to have at least seven bedrooms (one for each of the kids, two guest rooms, and a large master suite for Phil and me), seven baths, a large play/rec room, a media room, a mammoth kitchen, formal living room, dining room, and big comfy family room. It would need to be on a large chunk of land because there would be a barn for the horses and cows.

4. I would hire landscapers to take care of my perfectly manicured lawn, a housekeeper (or two) to clean my large house and do my laundry, a pool boy, and a part-time nanny.

5. New wardrobes for the entire family.

6. New automobiles. I'd get a loaded new minivan, a Suburban for Phil, and maybe a small sportscar for when the kids aren't with us.

7. Excercise equipment and a personal trainer for Phil. I might occasionally use the stuff, too.

8. Vacations to Ireland, Italy & the Vatican, the carribbean, & Australia.

9. I can't not spend some money on college for the kids. I'd at least buy them each a Florida Pre-paid College plan.

10. Buy some stock in Exxon-Mobile (since that seems to be the only company making any kind of profit these days) and live off of the dividends.

So, there you have it, folks. My wish list for if I end up with an extra $10 million dollars in my bank account. What would you do?

For those of you who don't know where that quote is from, it's from the movie "Heathers."

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Andrea said...

Laser Hair Removal - why didn't I think of that! Brilliant! Not that I'm being "envious" or anything...wouldn't want to break my Lenten pledge but I think it's a brilliant idea!!! I may have to take a little off of Hugo's salary and put it towards that Laser stuff myself!