Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fashion Show

A couple of days ago, Katie and I went to Super Target to buy diapers. Of course, when you go to Super Target, it's nearly impossible to just buy what you went there for. Katie and I spent two hours there, and no, we did not just buy diapers.

You see, to get to the diaper department, you have to pass the baby clothes department. That's how they get you. So, after going through all of the cute clothes, Katie and I headed to the fitting rooms to try everything on. While we were in there I pulled out my camera for a little fashion show.

We bought the first dress, but not the second dress. While it looked really cute on her, it just wasn't appropriate for everyday wear, or even for Sunday Mass, and we already have an Easter dress for Katie. Maybe if we had a wedding or something coming up, I would've bought it.

When I pulled the second dress up over Katie's head to take it off of her, the static in the air caused her hair to stand on end.

After the dresses, we tried on some shorts and t-shirts. With the exception of yesterday and today, it's been getting pretty warm around here, and Katie didn't have any shorts to wear.

I couldn't believe it when she fit into the size 2T shorts! They were a little loose on her, but the size 18 months were definitely too tight. Target must be making their shorts smaller this year, because there is NO WAY that my skinny-minny 18 month old daughter truly wears a 2T. The 18 month bottoms at TCP are still a little loose on Katie, and she has a couple of 18 months skorts from Carters that are way too big for her. The kid only weighs 22 pounds! Soaking wet!


Heather said...

I think TCP runs big and Circo (if that's the brand you are talking about) has always run small on Tyler. He easily fits in 3T in TCP (and they are a little big) but he'd need a 4 in Circo.

Melodie said...

Yeah, that's the brand. Of course, the reason I say they must be making them smaller this year is because just last week, Phil had a pair of the 12 months ones from last year on Katie, and they weren't any tighter on her than the 18 months ones we tried on this week. Also, Julianna wore the 18 months ones last year, and she was definitely bigger around than Katie is now.

Mike said...

Emily DOES look beautiful. And Katie looks adorable. But where's Sarah? I haven't seen current pictures of her on here in ages. We haven't seen you guys in so long, so pictures are all I have to go on!

-Jenny (logged in as Mike)

Melodie said...

I think it's been about a month since I've posted pics of Sarah on here. It's just a matter of who's around me the most, as far as the amount of pictures. Obviously, Katie and I spend the most time together. Then Emily, and last, Sarah. Plus, as Sarah gets older, some of her "events" are not things that she would want me blabbing about to the world, if you know what I mean.
Also, I have been planning some Sarah and Emily photo posts for some time in the near future.