Saturday, February 9, 2008

To Hell and Back

Phil and I decided to go to Walmart this afternoon. We didn't realize how much time we had been in there until my mother, who was watching Katie for us, called to find out where we were. We had spent over two hours in Walmart!!

Our cart was so full that I couldn't continue pushing it long before we were finished shopping. AND, we ended up needing TWO carts to get everything out to the car!!

Now I have to go back there, too. While we were in the pet department, I got a cute little dress for my mother's daschund, Maggie, who likes to dress up. Unfortunately, she is fatter than I thought she was and I have to exchange the dress for a larger size.

Isn't she cute in it anyway?

I forgot to mention that we didn't even get any meat or produce at Walmart. Phil went to Publix for that.


Julie said...

Wow! That's impressive! And I thought I was bad walking through Target for 1.5 hours. But I was by myself and could take my time! It was heaven!!

Melodie's Mom / Terrey said...

Maggie is sooooooooooo cute.
You need to keep up on Maggie's size!!!
Thanks to Emily, Maggie loves to be dressed up ! ! !
You need to explain on your Blog how much time Maggie lives at your house.
I can't wait to see her in the new & proper size dress...It looks so cute! !