Saturday, February 23, 2008


My yard has been taken over by leaves. First, it was bombarded with acorns. It was so bad that I literally thought that the squirrels were sitting up in the trees throwing acorns at me because I got hit by at least one every time I walked outside.

Once the acorns had all fallen, the leaves took over. We have a gazillion oak trees in our yard, and so it is completely covered in leaves. I decided to uncover our walkway this morning so my father-in-law would be able to find his way to our front door when he came to visit us.



By the way, it started raining shortly after my FIL got here, so my walkway is covered in leaves again already. I've got to do something about all of these damn trees!

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Karen said...

That looks like our front yard. One day I got out the leaf blower and blew the leaves in a big pile then used the vacuum attachment to suck the leaves up in the bag. I only ended up with 2 yard sized trash bags but since the leaf blower mulches the leaves, they were heavy bags. The next evening it looked like I never did a thing to the yard. I think I'll wait until most of the leaves are done falling before I try to get rid of them again.