Monday, February 11, 2008

Lifetouch Update

You may remember my post from last week about Emily's class photo. Well, tonight I received a lovely email from someone at Lifetouch.

Hi Melodie,

I read your blog concerning your daughter's school classroom group picture. In viewing your scanned copy of the picture I would agree it's not an acceptable portrait. I apologize for that. This is not the typical Lifetouch experience. We try our best to always take an excellent portrait but once in awhile one gets by that is less than perfect. Lifetouch offers an unconditional refund guarantee. I would be glad to take care of this for you. Please contact me by email or call the office or my mobile number.

Thank you,


Sue Fountas
Sales & Service
Lifetouch National School Studios

So, I responded that while a refund would be great, I had not already asked for one because I did not want to give up the photo of Emily's classmates. I received another email shortly afterward.


Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I can understand you wanting some memory of your child's year, even if it's not perfect. I can offer to get you a refund and you can keep the picture you have.

If you provide me with your full name and your mailing address I will have the office process a refund for you as soon as possible.

Thank you,


Sue Fountas
Sales & Service
Lifetouch National School Studios

Isn't that great? I certainly didn't expect anything like this when I wrote that blog post. It's refreshing to know that there are still some good people out there.

Thanks again, Sue!


Karen said...

Are you sure she's with Life Touch? I would call the number on the portrait info from the school to be safe, especially since she wants your mailing address.

Holly said...

I was thinking the same thing as Karen! How did she just happen to find your blog? Seems fishy.

Scarlett said...

Hopefully it's legit and you'll get your money back.

Melodie said...

I'm pretty sure she's legit, considering that her email address was a Lifetouch company email, and the address and phone numbers she included at the bottom of the email (which I deleted for the blog) are the local address and phone numbers for Lifetouch.

jennifer said...

I am impressed she read your blog. Maybe ask her how she came across the blog. Curiosity on my part.

Curt said...

I'm sure that Sue is doing like I am. I also work for Lifetouch in Texas and I have an alert set up through Google to for anything out on the internet that contains the word Lifetouch. It it just simply a way for me to keep up with things exactly like Sue saw and then respond appropriately. I don't blame all of you for being cautious but if the email address to respond to ended in you can be sure it is legitimate. Hope this alleviates some of your concerns. Have a nice day.

Cindi said...

Hi I worked for Life Touch (employee owned yeah right) for about 2 yrs. During my 2 yrs I noticed a few things like the Guy I worked for also had his wife working there and she would get off the phone from one call to another call about complaints and say how dumb are some of these people.(I found this to be very very unprofessional) then the longer that I worked for them the more I noticed that she would roll her eyes and BS the people that she talked to and laugh about how DUMB these pwople are when she got off the phone. Some of the schools that I went to that were retakes and some of the children would look to me to help them this is what would happen.
Children would have there photo's mostly messed up I felt the need to fix the issues at the school( I was told by others that I was a great photographer so I would always say if there is a problem with your photo,I doubt there will be let me know call the office and ask for me, I would give them a few extra photo's as a loss to the company to compensate for the photos being botched up. Just so there parents would not have to deal with her (who really was not being honest with the costomers making fun of them.)I never got a raise the entire time that I worked there. My Boss lost 300.000 and lost his postion. But was still with the company along with the wife. So in short make sure that your dealing with someone who really wants to help with any problems,I really did I wanted the company to grow and in the end they get rid of the wrong people and keep the people who should be fired. Gave raises to others who should have not gotten them go figure. I worked out of the New Ulm Mn office. Good Luck in Your Life Touch issues..