Sunday, February 3, 2008

Taxes Are Done

This morning, Phil let me sleep in. And by sleep in, I mean, I didn't get up until around 9:30. Once I got up, though, it wasn't long before our doorbell rang and Phil's friend Robert was at the door. He comes over every year for me to do his taxes for him. No, I'm not an accountant, although with my love of numbers I could be, I just have the tax preparation software, and it's easier to share than to each buy our own copies.

Once I finished Robert's taxes, I did our taxes. Because of a poor choice in accountants several years back, Phil and I have owed the IRS quite a bit of money. This year, our income tax return will pay off what we owe and then give us a few hundred dollars back. I am so excited about finally paying the IRS off and not having that debt hanging over us anymore. Woo-hoo!

I also did my mother's taxes for her, too. She wants me to do her friend's taxes, too, so if I get stuck doing that, I guess I won't really be done until after that.

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