Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chainsaw Warrior

Today I had my first experience using a chainsaw. And I LOVED it!!! There is such a powerful feeling that comes with sawing things down.

First, I used the chainsaw to trim up some severely overgrown bushes on the side of my yard. Then I moved on to the larger project of cutting branches off of one of our oak trees. I had so much fun that I didn't want to stop. Unfortunately, it started raining, and Phil didn't think it was such a good idea for me to be using electric power tools in the rain.

Hopefully, I can get back outside to do some more damage to the trees after all of the Easter festivities tomorrow.


Terrey said...

Oh My God...That is a VERY DANGEROUS thing for Phil to let you touch ! ! ! Run, Phil, Run ! ! !
Melodie, has Never in a Day of the time that I have known her,(I gave BIRTH to her) EVER touched any power tool, and any things that you would use in your yard to keep in manicured. (suck as a lawn mower, etc):)..Like I said...Run, Phil, Run...and take the Kids with you...She looks very SCARY ! ! ! Almost Charles Manson Style ! ! ! I Love you Mel....Mom

Melodie said...

I have used power tools before. I've used drills plenty of times. I had just never used anything that cuts before this.

Holly said...

I know I would love to use one too. I'll have to have Bruce show me how to use ours one day.

btw, are those chainsaw use approved footware?!?!

Andrea said...

You look pretty darn scary, Mel...I sure wouldn't want to make you mad!