Sunday, March 30, 2008

How Could Anyone Give Up These Faces?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I chaperoned a field trip to the Humane Society yesterday. The dogs and cats were SO cute. Somehow, though, I only ended up with photos of the dogs. Maybe it's because we've been thinking about getting a dog sometime in the not too distant future.

One of the things I learned yesterday is that the Humane Society does not accept stray animals. They only accept owner-surrendered animals. Which means that every single animal in their shelter has been rejected by his or her owner.

Just look at these lovable faces. Could you just give these sweet faces up?

These next photos are of the dogs that would have come home with me if I had had the time to stay and go through the adoption process. This first dog is named Token, and he was such a good, sweet boy. He was so well-behaved that he even sat for me when I told him to. I doubt he would require much training.

This next dog is named Abby, and she was a very sweet girl. She wasn't quite as active as Token, but she would definitely fit in well with our family.

I'm thinking of taking another trip back out the the Humane Society in a few weeks and if either of these two dogs is still there, I'll go ahead and bring them home with me.


Andrea said...

Uh, that is JUST heartbreaking. I wish I could have them all. We aren't even nearly ready for another dog yet but in a few years we will and we'll definitely be going to the Humane Society or SPCA

Debbie said...

We are contemplating getting a puppy but I am leary with the way Jillian sometimes acts....Eventually, yes, but she (meaning Jilly) has been through so much since before the holidays, I am not ready to feel that I need to teach her how to act with a new addition to the household...Might sound lazy or selfish, but eventually I will be in the mindset to take care of a dog....But it is so heartbreaking to see those little faces and know that circumstances (I hope) had resulted in the owner not being able to keep their animal....

Melodie said...

They said at the shelter that because of so many people losing their houses lately, they have had a lot more people giving up their animals because they are either living in their cars or have had to move into an apartment that doesn't accept animals.
I didn't check all of the animals for the reasons why they were given up, but I did check Token's paperwork and he was given up because he was too hyper. They also said that a lot of people turn in their pets because they didn't do their research to know how big they'd get or how much attention they would need before getting them, and then they just decide that the animal is too big or too hyper to keep.

Melodie said...

Oh, and Debbie, I understand what you mean about Jilly. When I saw how in love with my mother's kitten Katie is, I thought about getting her a kitten, but the more I have the kitten over at my house, the more I am certain that Katie is just not ready for a kitten. She hasn't gotten the concept of how to not carry a kitten by the neck.

Heather said...

How heartbreaking. If we had a fence I'd be way more willing to consider adopting a dog, but it's just not feasible right now. In the future it will eventually happen, and it WILL be a rescue dog (from a shelter).