Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Little Thievery - Part 2

Last month, I borrowed an idea for a post from Holly. Today, Julie gets the honor of having me steal her "Baked Good of the Week" idea.

This morning, I baked a few dozen sugar cookies for my playgroup's annual Easter party. They turned out quite nice if you ask me.

To start, I mixed up two batches of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix. Shocking, I know, but the mix makes a thinner dough than any of my regular sugar cookie recipes, and since I wasn't making cut-out cookies, I needed the thinner dough. Once I had my dough all mixed, I separated it into quarters. I set one quarter aside, and tinted each of the other three quarters pink, green, and blue.

I chilled the dough for a bit in the refrigerator, and then I went to work making my cookies. First, I used my Pampered Chef small scoop to measure out the dough balls so that the cookies would all be uniform in size.

Then, I rolled each ball in my hand and covered it in the coordinating shade of colored sugar. The plain dough was rolled in yellow sugar. I used my PC prep bowls to cover the dough balls in the sugar.

Next, I placed the sugar-covered dough balls onto the cookie sheet which I had previously covered with parchment paper. Ladies, if you don't already use parchment paper when you bake cookies, you should definitely give it a try. It makes cleaning your cookie trays SO much easier.

Finally, I baked the cookies for eight minutes at 375 degrees, and then cooled them on my lovely PC stackable cooling racks.

I took the finished product to Andrea's house for the Easter party. And even though there was tons of food there, including three dozen cupcakes, there were only a few cookies left when the party was over.


Philip said...

Pimpin' the Pampered Chef a little aren't you?

Andrea said...

Lovin' the nod(s) to Pampered Chef - you sellin' that stuff now??? LOL! The cookies were MARvy!


Melodie said...

Not selling (yet!). I just LOVE me some Pampered Chef!

Holly said...

Your cookies were yummy!

I use parchment paper for baking cookies too. Something I picked up when I started doing the annual cookie exchange parties. When you're baking 12 doz. cookies it's a must!