Friday, March 14, 2008


Something has been bothering me lately. A while back, the town where I spend most of my out-of-the-house time passed an ordinance that required all of the business signs on the main road through town to not be higher than a certain height. This rule was passed in an attempt to keep the street from getting that crappy city street look.

But that's not the part that is bothering me. I like the new lower signs. They really look nice, and it is a definite improvement over the way things looked before. What bothers me are the HUGE, BRIGHT, VIDEO-SCREEN BILLBOARDS that are hideously placed along the same stretch of road. They are absolutely gaudy, and they are far too bright when driving down the road at night.

What's the point of having a sign ordinance to make the town look nicer, if these horrible billboards are going to be allowed on the very same stretch of roadway?

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Karen said...

I just think they are dangerous because even though I don't want to, I end up looking/watching them as I drive by.