Sunday, March 30, 2008


Katie loves to climb. Up until now, Katie has stayed pretty low to the ground with her furniture climbing, only climbing onto the couches and the coffee table and into her highchair. Tonight, though, that changed.

Katie decided to climb up onto her changing table. She apparently got up there with no trouble and decided to do a little celebrating. And for her celebration, she decided to open up the Vaseline and smear it all over herself.

Yeah, fun stuff!


Scarlett said...

Oh yuck! And Vaseline is so hard to wash off! Katie!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I knew I liked Katie for a good reason. We are kindred spirits! My mom loves to tell of a story when I snuck the vaseline and smeared it all over myself and my bedroom walls. It feels so smooshy and ooey and gooey! FUN! Yay Katie!!

Karen said...

LOL, no comment.

Heather said...

Oye! I hear Vaseline is tough to get out! At least it was a good photo opp! LOL!