Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Long Day

So, I've had a long day and it has finally caught up with me and given me a headache. After driving both girls to school (separately, in two different trips), my mother called me to come pick up her dog and the kitten because she had to go out of town all of a sudden (her mother was dying) and needed a babysitter for them. That made three outings all before 10 am. (No wonder I can't afford to keep gas in my car!)

With the kitten in the house, Katie was difficult to handle. The child LOVES that kitten! Unfortunately, it's hard to get the concept of how to not strangle the kitten when you're carrying it across to a nineteen month old. So, there was a lot of fighting and temper-tantrum throwing in between all of the sweet baby with a kitty moments.

I also decided today that since eBay is having a selling special right now, I would go ahead and list a few of Katie's old shoes and clothes for sale. Most of what I listed only cost me a penny to list, so if they don't sell, it won't cost me much.

Well, I'm tired, so I'm off to bed now. I'll leave you with some sweet kitty goodness to warm your hearts with.

BTW: My mother doesn't know this yet, but we decided to call him "Fuzzball."


Heather said...

Adorable kitty picture. And Katie's little clothes are so cute. I SOOO wish I knew if I were having a boy or a girl!

Debbie said...

Yes, I broke down I decided to start blogging....As you can read, brand newbie, I am....LOL!

Katie is becoming such a little lady....She has always been and still is adorable.....And Sarah & Emily, I need to show Elizabeth because she had always looked up to them.....

I hope to be chatting with you more, or emailing/blogging, whatever the lingo is...LOL!

Holly said...

Well, at least you're lucky you're not having to do fund raisers still! Erin just brought one home from school today! Need any cookie dough?

Melodie said...

Actually, Holly, Sarah is selling World's Finest Chocolate Bars right now for a school fundraiser.