Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad Daddy?

I just read this article about Brad Pitt being caught driving a golf cart with his daughter Shiloh sitting on his lap. While Pitt was wearing a seat belt, Shiloh was not and was also not wearing a helmet.

This is not the first time that Brad Pitt has been photographed traveling with one of his children not properly secured. You may recall that a couple of years ago, Pitt was photographed riding a bicycle with a helmetless Maddox in a child seat on the rear of the bike. Definitely NOT safe.

That being said though, I don't believe that the "golf cart incident" is all that bad. Sure, it's not safe at all. The safest way for Shiloh to be traveling would be in a car seat strapped into one of the seats (which obviously have seat belts). However, they are not riding on a busy street - it's a dirt road without much, if any, traffic. And, having Shiloh riding on his lap is really no different than when we have our babies sitting on our laps when we ride those trams that take us from the parking lots to the entrance of theme parks.

So, this incident doesn't bother me nearly as much as the "bicycle/no helmet" incident did.

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Kandee said...

I remember the days when I would ride on my dad's lap and steer the car into the driveway -dirt road.(I was 5) I remember not wearing seat belts as a kid, in fact, trying to fish them out between the seats was a game...ah times have changed,huh?