Monday, July 14, 2008

Hating Hannah

Some of you may recall how horrified I was a while back when I heard Katie singing along with the Hannah Montana theme song. Well, now it's even worse!

Someone (I know who, but I'm protecting his anonymity here) brought a birthday card for Sarah to her party yesterday. But not just any birthday card - a musical birthday card. And not just any musical card, but one with this face on the front of it.

And guess who can't get enough of the card and song? Yep! Katie keeps opening up the card so she can sing along. I think I've heard the little clip of "Best of Both Worlds" about 2 gazillion times now. Someone please tell me what I did that was so wrong to deserve this torture.


Rph Mommy said...

That stupid song was playing on repeat in my store the other week. Every 15 minutes or so. I was ready to jam my spatula in my ears. Seriously.

Stacy said...

Better than Britney Spears!! LOL