Friday, July 18, 2008

Perfect Pear

A funny thing happened to me this afternoon while I was at Wendy's. As I was approaching my table, the man at the next table asked me if I would mind showing his two young daughters the shape of my body. He said that he had been teaching them about different body types and he'd like them to see a perfect example of a pear-shaped body.

Of course, I didn't think twice about showing of my "perfect pear" and telling his daughters all about how it's a very good thing to have a pear shape, because we have good cholesterol levels and don't have to worry about heart disease as much as other people do, especially the "apples."

I know other people may have been offended or weirded out if they had been asked the same thing, but I am comfortable in my body, and I'm very proud of my "perfect pear." Even if it is a bitch to find pants that fit right.

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