Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Start

I have a confession to make. I have lived in my house for more than four years now, and I have no landscaping whatsoever.

When we bought our house, there was a little bit of landscaping, but it was all over grown and ugly, so we ripped it all out with the intention of replacing it with something else. And as the years passed, we either didn't have the time, or we didn't have the money, or we couldn't decide or agree on what to do.

But today, we finally made a start on our long delayed landscaping project. I had one of those Lowe's Project Starter coupons that was good for $10 off of a $50 purchase. So, while we were at Lowe's buying a new blade for our lawn mower, I decided to head out to the garden center to look at the flowers and shrubs.

When we were in Celebration for their Independence Day parade, the Celebration Garden Club actually passed out little potted annuals to the parade goers. We came home with three of them. My intention was to plant them around my mailbox, which I've been wanting to plant around for a while. But with only three of them, I needed a few more. So, at Lowe's today, I bought one more of the white ones that I got at the parade, and four of the pink variety.

After picking out my flowers, I let Phil choose some shrubs to plant in front of our house. We got four little shrubs, but I think we need at least two more to make it all the way across the house. We're planning on planting everything next Saturday so it will all be done before Emily's birthday party on Sunday.

Once we get everything all planted, I'll post some pics for you to see. Just remember, this is a SLOW work in progress. Once we get the shrubs planted, we'll still need to pick out other plants and flowers to plant in front of them.


Andrea said...

Nothing changes a house like landscaping - I bet it will look beautiful. I can't wait to see the results! Good luck!!!

Heather said...

We're supposed to landscape our yards? Who knew? LOL. Congrats. I'm sure it will look great!

Debbie said...

Every little bit of landscaping takes on a whole new look to your property. Especially this time of year...We might be getting a lot of ran, but the lawns are all green, plants and flowers are growing. Thankfully we are getting the rain to add moisture to the flowers...this heat would just burn them up...

You'll need to post pictures on your blog...I would love to see the work as it is happening!