Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I had to take my mother to an appointment today. And since she had to drive down here from Ocala this morning, she had my step-dad's Escalade, which I got to drive around all day.

The Escalade has a built-in DVD player in it, so of course, the girls had to bring a DVD for Katie to watch. Katie's favorite movies are The Little Mermaid and The Little Mermaid II. I think they brought The Little Mermaid II, because I'm pretty sure I heard Katie say, "Bye-bye, Melody," when we got out of the truck one time.

Anyhow, Katie loved watching the DVD in the car, and she loved wearing the headphones that go with it, too. Because they kept sliding forward on her face, her little cheeks were getting all squished in making her look all chubby. And of course, I just had to snap a photo of her looking so adorable.

Before you ask, Andrea, no, I was not driving when I took this photo. We had pulled into a parking space when I took it.

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