Sunday, July 6, 2008


I mentioned back in this post that we did something "interesting" Tuesday evening. And I know that you have all been anxiously waiting to find out just what we did, right? So, without further ado, here we go.

Tuesday morning, while Phil and I were in Celebration, Sarah and Emily, who were back at the hotel with my mother and Katie, called us to ask if it was okay to sign up for consideration to be cast in one of the shows at the hotel. Since Phil and I were all about making this week as great as possible for the girls, we told them it was okay. We didn't actually think that we'd be picked, but were game if we were.

When casting time came around that afternoon, we ended up getting picked for the show. So, that evening, Sarah, Emily, Phil, and I became stars of the Nick Family Style Goes Wild show. It was a game show of sorts, and we were playing against another family that was staying at the hotel. I overheard them before we went backstage saying how it was going to be so easy for them to beat us because they had two boys and we had two girls.

Well, we showed them! We ended up winning the game 80-20. Of course, I really should go back to the beginning of the show before telling you how it ended. The first game of the show was called "Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch." And guess who had to get in costume for it?

Unfortunately, we lost that round by a hair - or should I say "feather"? LOL. The rest of the game was played by audience participants, with our part being limited to only trivia. Our team ended up winning the final two rounds, which tied up the game. The final trivia question (What is [cartoon character] Garfield's favorite food?) is what put us over the top to win the game.

I bet you're wondering what we won, aren't you? Well, as our team captain, Sarah got the "privilege" of being slimed. And this wasn't the thin, watery stuff they use when they do the mass sliming by the pool. This was the real, thick, gooey stuff that they use on television.

When asked by the show host how she liked getting slimed, Sarah replied, "It's fun."


Andrea said...

oh my - I don't know what is making me smile in costume or Sarah having fun gettin slimed! I hope you are going to include you as a chicken in your Christmas card this year! LOL. No, it really looks like a cute thing and how fun for the whole family. Congrats on kicking the pants of that boastful family!

Holly said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun! You are far braver then I. I never could have done that in 100 years! Oh, and Erin is even more shy then I am, so she would never even get on a stage. Maggie on the other hand would do it in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

That was a great sliming real green