Monday, July 21, 2008

Please Take a Moment

to view this little slide show.

Then be sure to do your part!

(I have the Jack Johnson song "reduce, reuse, recycle..." running through my head now.)


Karen said...

Good slide! I have been trying my hardest to remember to bring my green bags with me when ever I leave the house but sometimes I forget. The other day I went to Parkesdale Produce Market and had my green bag with me and the cashier said that she had to put the produce in the plastic bag because they've had problems with people using their own bag and stealing produce. I think that just sucks! You would think the farming community would be the first ones into protecting the environment. Besides, if they couldn't catch them stealing when they were using their own bags, how are they going to catch them when they are putting things in their pockets or strollers?

Melodie said...

That's NOT a good excuse at all! What's to stop the thieves from just putting produce into a bag that they got from the stand on a previous trip? Shouldn't your receipt be your proof of purchase?

I've been going through the self check-out at Lowes and Home Depot and just putting my items back into my cart and not using their plastic bags. If anyone has a question about whether or not I paid for my items, I have my receipt.