Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day Celebration - Part 1

This morning, we got up early (again!) and headed out to Celebration to watch their little hometown parade. It was a cute little parade, with lots of golf carts, and local clubs and groups walking in it. Phil was disappointed that there wasn't a marching band, but otherwise, we all quite enjoyed it.

Here are a few photos taken while we were waiting for the parade to begin. Katie really enjoyed playing with the little plastic flags.

Next, we have some parade pics.

These cute and fuzzy bunnies are from Give Kids the World. It is a great organization and a worhty cause the donate to.

This kid kept getting in the way of most of the photos I tried to take. His parents weren't paying any attention to him or his brothers. Shortly after the parade was over, the DJ on the concert stage was calling for his parents because one of his brothers had already gotten lost.

More parade pics for your viewing pleasure.

After the parade, we walked around a little bit to see if there was anything interesting going on.

On our way back to the Jeep, we stopped by a picturesque lemonade stand so the girls could buy some lemonade.

If that's not American, I don't know what is.

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