Thursday, July 24, 2008


I took Sarah and Emily to the dentist this morning. Sarah was due for her monthly orthodontic check-up, and Emily had a cavity that needed to be filled. This was Emily's first cavity on a permanent tooth, and I was not very happy about it. She didn't have too hard of a time, but she certainly disliked it enough to never want to get a cavity ever again. Hopefully, she'll remember this experience and do a better job brushing and flossing her teeth from now on.

When we were finished at the dentist, we went to get in the car to go have some lunch. The girls got to the car first, and before I could even get to the car, Sarah screamed, "FROG!" and jumped away from the car. This is what she saw.

Of course, we all panicked trying to figure out how to get rid of the frog. We didn't want to kill it, but we didn't want him to touch any of us either. Sarah decided to use a pair of sunglasses to try to nudge him out of the door. It worked, however when he jumped away, he jumped into the front floor of the car, and then went under the seat.

There was no way in hell I was about to drive off with a frog that close to my feet, not to mention my daughters. So, I had the girls keep working on trying to get him out of my car. (Yes, I'm too chicken to take care of it myself.) They eventually got him back out of the inside of the car, but then he was in the front door where if I closed it, he would get squashed.

Since I did not want a squished frog on my car door, the girls kept at trying to move him. They eventually got him to move somewhere that we couldn't find him, but we knew he was no longer inside the car and he wasn't going to get squished by me shutting the door. So, they quickly shut the door to keep him from getting back in the way or into the car, and I entered the car from the passenger side door.

We did eventually make it to lunch, and haven't seen the frog since. I hope we never do see him again.

Edited to Add: I should probably mention that this was not one of those little frogs either. He was at least three to four inches long and really fat!


Heather said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen them up close like in that picture (nor do I ever want to). I must say, it probably made for a pretty funny site for any onlookers. LOL.

Melodie said...

I'm sure the other people coming in and out of the dentist's office probably thought we were crazy.

Phil said...

What a bunch of sissies!!!!!haha

Melodie said...

Just be happy I didn't have to call you to come rescue us, Phil.

Karen said...

Ewww, yuck! I don't usually have a problem with frogs but if I saw one in my car, I think I would have freaked! However, I have boys who probably would have tried to catch it, lol.