Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hair Happenings

Katie has been in desperate need of getting her bangs trimmed for some time now. Her bangs were practically in her eyes on the fourth of July.

Over the weekend, I was able to get almost all of her bangs into a clip on one side of her face. If she didn't immediately pull everything that I put in her hair out, I might have considered just going ahead and letting her bangs grow out.

But, since Katie's not ready to keep things in her hair yet, we decided a trim was definitely in order. My mother was getting her hair colored last night, and while the dye was working its magic, her hair stylist trimmed Katie's bangs for us.

Now I can see my beautiful daughter's face again!


Andrea said...

She looked waaaaay too grown up with the barrette & sideswept hair - Nooooooo. Don't let her grow up...just keep her a little toddler forever! :)

Kate said...

She's adorable.