Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Girl

We've been talking about moving Katie to a toddler bed ever since she climbed out of her crib that one time. Well, last week, the bedding that matches her room finally came back into stock at Babies 'R Us, so I went ahead and ordered it. Then on Saturday, I drove all the way out to the big BRU in Tampa to buy Katie's toddler bed and nightstand. (The BRU in my town is only a "satellite store" and doesn't stock everything that the one in Tampa does.)

I put Katie's new nightstand together on Saturday night, and while I was napping on Sunday, Phil put her toddler bed together. Katie slept about half the night in her new bed, which was pretty good, in my opinion. She does seem to like it, too.

Then the miracle happened this afternoon. As you know, I've been pretty sick today. After Katie ate her lunch, she started asking to have her pacifier back, and I told her that she could only have it if she was going to take a nap. When I gave it to her, I told her to go get in her bed and take a nap. And she did! All by herself!

I honestly didn't think she would do it. A little while after I had told her to go lay down, I noticed that she wasn't in the room with me, so I asked Emily where Katie was. She told me that Katie was in her bed sleeping. I couldn't believe my ears, so I got up to go see for myself, and this is what I saw.

No, that is not the bedding that I ordered. That's the quilt that my aunt made for Katie before she was born. The bedding is due to arrive on Wednesday. I'll try to remember to take another photo to share once I get her bed all made up.

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Andrea said...

WooHoo Katie! That's great. Patrick is so ready too - he sleeps in a kids aerobed whenever we go away & has since last fall so I know he's totally ready for the toddler bed. We have Matthew's up in the attic but since he's shown no interest of climbing out, Don & I talked about just waiting until the fall and skipping the toddler bed and moving right to a regular bed. It's good though that we have the toddler bed in the attic just in case!